Thursday, November 5, 2009

Innovation Beyond Mobile Apps

Yesterday I had the pleasure to speak at the droidcon in Berlin. It was a remarkable conference, a lot of interesting people & talks, well organized, lots of fun. As the event name suggests, it was all about Android.

Guess what I was talking about? ;-) Here's the abstract of my story:

Android is a platform the developer community can create innovative mobile applications for. However, much of the community's creativity and power remains untapped. Why? There are barriers for developers to contribute to the platform. First, the Android project is solely and rigidly controlled by Google. Second, the Android application & distribution model is designed to have 3rd parties create apps, not APIs or middleware. This presentations discusses these limitations and presents the concept of OSGi, an Open Services & Middleware Platform as an enabler for 3rd party platform innovation.

Find the presentation here:
As usual, comments are welcome!

- Jo


yonny said...

Well said Jo!

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Jo Ritter said...

Very interesting comment, if only I could read it... Don't you want to give us an english translation?

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