Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Listen to Verizon!

A lot has been written about this years CTIA, big news about new voice services, Skype on iPhone, Samsung presenting Android or not, bla bla bla. The most remarkable statement, however, was littled commented: Verizon committed to Mobile OSGi!

Talking about the carrier's challenge of supporting 8 or 9 different mobile operating systems, Verizon Wireless' CEO Lowell McAdam said that "I don't think I need to bet on an operating system, I need to bet on layers that will bridge those operating systems."

Isn't that exactly what OSGi delivers? A cross platform bridge for apps, services, APIs? A manageable middleware layer that reduces bad fragmentation while unleashing a particular platform's power? I'm absolutely sure McAdam alluded to Mobile OSGi, there's just no other way... ;-)


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Aalesh said...

HI joe,

Really love your blog, Well i am writing this message because i am really excited about working into this osgi platform. I am sinishing my last semester of engineering and i am doing a thesis work on this topic.

Can you help me by suggesting me from where to begin so that ican eventually develop an android app using osgi.

Thanking you