Friday, February 15, 2008

Welcome to the Mobile OSGi Blog!

Yet another blog about mobile - does the world really need that? Well, yes - and this is why: OSGi is around for almost 10 years and it is just now that it eventually hits the mobile market - an exciting time for all OSGi enthusiasts who have been waiting for so long! Although Mobile OSGi does not yet grap attention of the big press, there is quite something going on. Come back and have a read!

Btw, in my terminology, Mobile OSGi reads OSGi R4+ used in a mobile handset. However, typically it either refers to what the OSGi Mobile Expert Group (MEG) specified (also known as JSR 232), or the Eclipse open source project eRCP.

What I intend to write about:
  • News and gossip about mobile OSGi
  • Discussions on what OSGi adds (or adds not) to the mobile market
  • Reflections on what comes after MIDP2: The next generation of mobile Java
My blog is free content but it does come with one obligation: be critical and comment!

- Jo

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